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Very pleased!

I am very pleased with your mats! The reason why I wanted a mat, was due to I have swollen discs in my back, including hip and knee pain, and unable to walk even a couple blocks. I have tried many Cortizone shots, and two epidurals, which the shots did not help. I also did a year plus therapy and many body massages, which I felt I was not getting back to where I was before. We tried the smaller one the 32“ x 20“, I seen with results within days! As the weeks went on I was improving tremendously. My husband even gave it a try, he was very impressed also. So then we decided to get the bigger one 74“ x 24“ the multi wave PEMF Mat. Wow what an improvement in our bodies. With the help of both of these mats, My back pain has pretty much went away, my knees and my hip feel so much better too. I am able to work out again, walk for much longer periods, and I keep improving.

Testimonial By: Marilyn Thoene  — Hartington, NE, United States

Relief at last!! (spinal stenosis)

I have had tingling down my right leg to my foot for 16 months . It progressively got worse over the past year to the point that it turned into pain if standing very long. I had x-rays and MRI done and found that I have spinal stenosis and 3 bulging discs. I had 10 spinal decompression sessions at my chiropractor's office (I felt no different) and then followed up with use of my chiropractor's personal Bemer mat for 3 weeks. I started researching PEMF mats and purchased the five therapy multi-wave mat from Healthy Wave. I have been using it morning and night for 20 minutes a session since it arrived two months ago. This mat does more than the Bemer and much stronger. After 1 month, my tingling was 90% gone and I was standing without pain! After 2 months tingling is gone! I only feel mild sensations now. Also, kudos to Pamela! She has been so helpful in answering questions and always getting back to me. I am forever grateful to her and her company for developing this wonderful product.

Testimonial By: Brenda Castleberry  — Winter Haven, FL, United States

The return of my chakra..

This mat is simply amazing!

It helped to eliminate my nausea three days in a row, along with aligning my chakras.

Testimonial By: Amanda Jackson  — White Rock, BC, Canada

Injury Recovery, Pain with Multiwave Mat

We are in our 70’s and initially purchased one of the 5 therapy mats. We initially looked at a Bemer (MLM) but the cost was outrageous and it only has one therapy. We liked the Healthy Wave mat so much that there are now 4 mats in our family. I did some heavy lifting yesterday and injured my back so bad that I couldn’t bend over. Last night I slept on the mat and the injury was remarkably better this morning. Then, later today I got on it again and the pain is almost gone. I now have no trouble bending over, just a little soreness. My wife has had the same experience with minor aches and pains. Our son is paralyzed in the legs and began sleeping on the half mat underneath his legs and the swelling in his legs and feet has been reduced. The fourth mat I gave to my older brother, who for some reason has not used it. I honestly am not sure which of the therapies does what—maybe it is all of them contributing. But the one I can actually feel is the heat which is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and I’m confident it is having a positive effect. It is so penetrating, unlike a heating pad which only heats the skin. I sleep on it nightly. My wife gets on hers when she has trouble sleeping and it does the trick and believes it is because of the heat. With the number of mats we have purchased you have to expect some issues, and we had one with a controller. The problem was promptly resolved. The customer service has been excellent. Pam is an absolute delight to work with—absolutely the best customer service person I’ve ever worked with. Great product!!! Great customer support!!!

Testimonial By: Larry S

Pain Relief and Relaxation

I received my mat in 2016. At that time I had severe back pain and occasionally had to use a cane to walk. I understood the many health benefits of it but initially struggled with the cost. I tried many things to resolve the pain to no avail and got to the point of a mat being my last resort.
I pretty much slept on my mat for the first week, the relief came from the heat but the deeper bone pain was also resolving in that time. I noticeably had more mobility and less pain as each day passed, within a couple of months I almost forgot I once had it. I do still get back pain on occasion, as it turns out I have arthritis in the vertebrae.
I always go to my magical mat for pain relief and for relaxation, If you are thinking about this purchase, I will tell you that if I could do it again I would not have waited an extra minute.

Testimonial By: Tori