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Relief from Gout

My daughter gave me a Healthy Wave Mat for Christmas. My wife and I would sometimes use it, but not as often as we should be.

That's until early August when the toe on my right feet started to be extremely painful. I went to the doctor's office and was diagnosed with gout. My daughter nagged me to wrap the mat over my feet for 30 minutes to an hour, so I did that every night while watching TV at 50 Celsius.

After two weeks, the pain and swelling is gone and I can go back to walking and playing golf again! I now use the mat every after playing golf, not just on my feet but over my shoulders and elbow.

I highly recommend you give this mat a try for any arthritis or gout pain.

Testimonial By: Danny Cervas  — Richmond, BC, Canada

Excellent customer service very good mat

I purchased the Muli-wave Amethyst Far Infrared mat, it is a very high quality mat I would highly recommend this product and the customer service is outstanding. Each time I called Celine was very helpful with my concerns, this is a very good company.

Testimonial By: Amadeo Acosta  — Brighton, CO, United States

So Comforting

I've had my 4-therapy Healthy Wave mat for almost a year now and am so glad I decided to purchase it. I used it twice daily for the first few weeks, then once a day for months and now about 4 or 5 times a week. It's too firm for me to sleep on, as I have had fibromyalgia for many years, but the regular PEMF therapy and Far-Infrared heat have been so comforting and healing for my joint and muscle pain, as well as helping me recover from chronic tendonitis in both my knee and shoulder. I honestly cannot imagine ever being without this mat now that I've benefited so much from it.

Testimonial By: Connie Dawson  — Lake Mary, FL, United States

PEMF Amethyst Jade Tourmaline & Photon Far Infrared Mat 60"x24"

I purchased my mat in August 2020. I have been suffering from severe lower back pain due to degenerative discs and arthritis. Unfortunately, it did not help me. I am disappointed, and I was very optimistic since reading all the positive reviews. I contacted the company several times, and they were very helpful in guiding me to a better result, yet, unfortunately, nothing has changed in my condition. The best advice I can give anyone considering purchasing is this: If you do not experience results within the guaranteed time frame, return it.

Testimonial By: Lisa Santa Barbara  — Doylestown, PA, United States

so far amazing

have had my multiwave pro about a year but have been traveling alot, so only have started regular use the past 3 weeks. have serious joint injuries from many years ago. knee and elbow have made big improvements in range of motion!! can't wait to see what happens in another 3 weeks! I think this will be life changing! thanks!!!

Testimonial By: Victor Gonzalez  — Cutler Bay, FL, United States