Jade & Tourmaline Far Infrared Heat Mesh Mat 80" x 60" (queen)

My partner is a gardener and he’s got a genetic illness affecting his lower back. It’s the same as my Dad. He works long hours every day carrying heavy bags, digging the holes and basically being bent over most of the time. When he gets back home he’s always complaining about his back. We tried almost every product available, from heat gels, to muscle rubs, gel pads and heat belts, to no avail. They all seemed to relieve the pain temporarily, but sooner or later it was coming back. Someone recommended me a Inframat Pro and I was determined to try it. I got it for my partner as a Christmas present last year. He’s now using it all the time, as a mattress topper at night and that has finally gave him relief. He’s looking forward to using it over and over again and notices he can work much longer throughout a day too. We both recommend it.

Shawn, 07/12/2015
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