Mesh Jade & Tourmaline Far Infrared Mat 72"x24"

I always had problems with by back and muscle pain. It affected my sleep – I almost turned insomniac! Not great if you have to be fresh as a daisy at work the next morning. What haven’t I tried – muscle rubs, herbal teas, heat pads – nothing worked. My friend told me about a BioMat, as he was using it himself. I did buy it but didn’t make any difference. Only after a research, I found InfraMat… and WOW! All I can say it’s worth every penny. The stones heat up quickly and give a deep warmth that is so relaxing for my muscles and joints. I use it every time I’m watching TV in the evening, I stretch it on my reclining chair and put a blanket over it – to avoid burning the skin. An hour before I go to sleep is enough to kiss away any back pain. It’s great especially in winter months. I now sleep like a baby and my wife tells me that I even stopped snoring. I got better at work, because can finally concentrate, and don’t fall asleep in the meetings. Honestly can’t recommend it enough – don’t know where would I be without my InfraMat…

Leslie Jacobs, 09/23/2015
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