PRO 7 Crystal Chakra Far Infrared PEMF Mat 74" x 28"

I first tried out the Healthy Wave Mat when going for a Thai Yoga Massage. After the second visit and feeling like I was melting into this mat and leaving feeling so calm, pain free and just relaxed I knew I had to get one. I use my mat twice a day and would use it more if time allowed. I have suffered from a rare disorder that affects my joints and this is the first time in 5 years I have found any relief from something that is not a drug. I am so very happy.So happy that my husband who was a non-believer insisted we get another mat for travel and because he is now a converted "matty" guy we also just purchased a Chakra Mat so we don't have to wait for each other to finish their turn. My husband will call now on his way home from work saying turn on the Mat! This truly is an amazing product and we are so excited to be able to see such great results. If your wondering should I or shouldn't I ,do yourself a favour and invest in something that will make you enjoy life to its fullest without pain. I sleep better now, I am more relaxed, happier being without such severe pain , life really is good now that I have my Healthy Wave Mat!


Linda McK., 12/22/2018
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