4 Therapy Far Infrared PEMF Mat  80" x 40"

What an amazing way to regain some of the natural frequencies of sleeping outdoors. I became disabled. Couldn’t go camping, hiking, none of it. Being cooped up in bed kills your spirit as well as health. I put it on my bed. I didn’t turn it on more than a few times a day. I began to feel more refreshed, dreams more vibrant. It truly was like the bliss of the deep woods. Just keeping it under me 24/7 improved my health so tremendously I didn’t need that single-hospital bed any longer. My lymphatic system started working better, my endocrine tests improved and I felt like I had a fighting chance again. I’m saving up to get the larger, softer version for my new bed. This one will be my travel mat. Because I’m determined to be able to travel again someday!

Alexandria H., 05/23/2018
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