Free Consultation with an Expert

Ask the Expert (Free Consultation to discuss your needs):

The Healthy Wave Mat company (IITHealth) has been developing health and holistic wellness products for over a decade. Our team is composed of health professionals and an international electrical engineer. After doing forensics on many PEMF multi-level marketing mats, we engineered the first 5-therapy mat that combines PEMF therapy and photon lights therapy with crystals which generate the far infrared heat and negative ions at a fraction of the cost of many single therapy mats.

Our team at Healthy Wave has tested our mats with various clinics and alongside other health professionals to optimize the ideal PEMF therapy features. Combining our expertise has created a truly fantastic product as the 5 therapies work synergistically together for a complete wellness solution. Since we engineered the mats, we  know what  are  the best mats/protocols for different individuals and their  health issues.

We have 156 different mats and have 28 different PEMF mats and are aware of how confusing choosing the right mat for you can be.

Please call Samantha or Pamela to guide you through the process of choosing the right mat for you based on your needs and budget. 

We are also available for follow up on how to use your Healthy Wave mat after purchase. 

You can reach us via chat on our website or through the phone: 360-233-2088 (USA) or 778-736-0261 (Canada).